Publications by the "Workgroup on mobility''

Counselling tools to support mobility for learning and work
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Mobility advice interview

The tool is made by the partners of the 'Mobility Workgroup' of the EUROGUIDANCE network, with the aim to support guidance counsellors with their daily work on guidance in mobility. It helps guidance counsellors to reflect and improve the approaches used. The tool also include a list of practices used in different European countries in the framework of lifelong guidance and guidance in mobility. Meanwhile the tool is already available in different languages versions, with more to come.

mobility uk s.jpg
mobility fr s.jpg
English language version
update september 2015
French language version

croatian version mob.jpg
greek version mob.jpg
Croatian language version Update 2015
Greek language version

vlaamse versie mob.jpg
.Mobility lv.jpg..
Dutch language version (Belgium)
...Latvian Language version (New 2014)

EG mob handbook German.jpg

German Language Version (New 2016)

Publications by the "Euroguidance network''

open the door.jpg
EG Highlights 2015.jpg
Open the Door to the World. Views on mobility
guidance from up north (EUROGUIDANCE Nordic
BalticWorking group)
Euroguidance Highlights 2015
The Euroguidance network has published a booklet
dealing with the highlights of each Centre’s work in 2015.

Stages en Europe.jpg

Les stages en Europe – guide complet


"EUROGUIDANCE insight" the EUROGUIDANCE newsletter
The 15th edition of 'EUROGUIDANCE insight', the EUROGUIDANCE newsletter (Autumn 2015) is a special on the theme of mobility

More publications from the EUROGUIDANCE network can be find on the following website:

Publications by others

Hidden competences.jpg
Vast amount of skills and competences developed through
international experiences go unrecognised...
Hidden Competences is a research project completed by
CIMO and Nordic think tank Demos Helsinki in 2013.
Read more
Learning by leaving.
Placements abroad as a didactic tool in the
context of vocational education and training in
Europe CEDEFOP Read more


Disadvantaged groups in transnational placement
projects CEDEFOP Read more

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