Advantages / Disadvantages to use Social media:
overload of information
disadvantages: lack of time, structure of the media
to offer our services, to be involved
Possible information overflow, structuring of information, who is the expert? how reliable is the information
I am worrying on misusing my private or semiprivate information. My clients still ask me "to be friend" and this is overlaping the limits when in my work are sensful. This lost of barier in psychotherapy is not useful for client also.
You can hare your opinions and have discussions
staan de inspanningen in verhouding tot de resultaten? ik heb daa veel twijfels over, er zijn mijn ook geen goede praktijken bekend!
It takes so much my fri-time, because it is not posible to be in Social media in working time.
there needs to be someone to watch over...
In person meetings are more useful. Social media gives you only the virtual person.
Information in too many separate sites, how to find the accurate information, which site is the best source of information, is the information correct and valid? I´d like one site where all the information is in one package.
Lack of time
Working as an authority in social media is a challenging task, the questions must be answered correctly and according the laws. The role the Finnish goverment decides to take in social media will affect my work within in it. I feel this is big question that need be commented by ministeries and clear instructions given to all actors. There is a risk that not all of us clearly understand the line between the private and authority "me." Once this overall policies are decided the work can start asap and it should be developed. We as a small nation have great chance here to become the leaders in this field! Naturally I understand the risks of stepping to the unknown, but imagine what we could gain with this!
rýchla dostupnosť informácii
Main advantage : social media are very parctical and directed to the target group Main disadvantage: social media may reduce the need for personal dialogue and real interaction
Disadvantages the given information is often wrong
Advantages: quick, to rich a lot of people Divantage: no develop change and the contents
Very useful to contact and inform young people
Who uses the social networks needs to be really expert of social communication techniques and social marketing rules. Could be dangerous to use social media without the right competence.
yes, I think it
ADV: fast distribution of information to wide groups DISADV: loss of privacy, too much time keeping contacts alive
to start using the tool is the best way to see it in practice, meet people, talk to people,
Advantages: broad area of using, instant information, qiuck sharing Disadvantages: keeping personal distance, private information
Large amount of people using social media, a lot of informations and situations.
ˇI can not judge
Výhody - dostupnosť Nevýhova - mladí ľudia si neuvedomujú dostatočne riziká soc sieti
Advantages - great number of people, easy and effective way to say something to somebody and to find like- minded people and opponents, saves time and other resources. Disadvantages - it is just a virtual space, nothing can replace the real communication, exchange of information, emotions, ideas, etc. face- to- face
resultaat niet in verhouding tot inspanning,
Connections are established, but most of them are meaningless. Lost a lot of unnecessary time. Information exchange is dissipated.
bmodern way of communicating
Advantage: Very fast and effective. Disadvantage: Some comments might be misleading or false thus permanent monitoring and correction is a must.
bAdvantages: Large coverage, very flexible uses, very easy to reach different audiences Disadvantage: Needs constant updating (therefore considerable personnel effort) otherwise will quickly become obsolete
Advantages: - spread fast - the target group can be reached Disadvantage: - giving information continuously – workload
Problem of data security
Exchange of pratice and information stays on a superficial level
Advantage: quick exchange of information Disadvantages: sometimes not credible
bAdvantage: In terms of our target group - young people - social media is essential, they don't search webpages, they just keep in touch with their friends via Facebook, that is whwere they are, that is where we can find them and reach them. Disadvantage: it is very fast moving, information has to be updated several times a day to keep up with the users' rhythm and fast changing posts and messages.
Inconvénients : beaucoup de temps passé devant un écran Avantages : échanges rapides d'information, mise en relation de personnes ayant des intérêts communs par le biais d'intermédiaires plus ou moins importants
Iam not familiar with social media, therefore my answers to questions nr 9, 12,13 are irrelevant
Large audience, yet possible to select target groups.
la mise à jour des flux sociaux, la transmission de l'information et le fait de se tenir également informé de ce qui se passe sur les réseaux sociaux des partenaires peut prendre un temps fou tout au long de l'année.
Interactive, accessible from any place, easy to share, participative
New challenges in protecting one's personal information (social media interferes in people's private lives)
Adv. use a familiar tool for youngsters for promoting guidance issues. Disadv. unsafe environment with no guarantee that unlawfull content is kept away from the center page.
You can reach a lot of population.
I think they are not necessarily and I don't see such advantages. Only students are very familiar with it and we can exchange lots of informations.
Advantages: being in contact with other professionals from other countries, the possibility to exchange information on common interesting themes in a "distance-professional" community Desadvantages: a new "instrument" added to other we already use, overloading the job tasks
I think the real contact is much more useful at the begining of the project.Later, when participants know each other it is easier to use Social media.
It is important to consider the format and audience of each type of media and to use the appropriate tool for the message you wish to convey. Wiki might work for all three issues; facebook only for exchange of information (maybe practices); Twitter could help for reminders about things that need to be taken care of, but the message must not exceed 140 characters. People have to be comfortable using the media, otherwise they will avoid it.
I would try to do it if there is something interesting me
too much information without a criteria of importance or usefulness
I think that Social media is a good alternative for exchanges of information. Personal information must be handled with attention and may not be use for abuse. Often, young people don't know the danger and the consequence of the internet.